If ROMS options are defined like below,

** BULK_FLUXES         use if bulk fluxes computation                        **
** COOL_SKIN           use if cool skin correction                           **
** LONGWAVE            use if computing net longwave radiation               **
** LONGWAVE_OUT        use if computing ougoing longwave radiation           **
** EMINUSP             use if computing E-P

you don't need to provide CLOUD and compute SWFLUX.
CLOUD is only necessary when none of the LONGWAVE option is defined, so that cloudiness is necessary to compute downwelling longwave radiation.
SWFLUX is not necessary since in ROMS3.0 EMINUSP option does that for you.

So, we can save time for computing fluxes and interpolation in Rsm2Roms_bulk.sh and Rsm2Roms_bulk_longout.sh by removing these two variables..
  1. In calculate_flux_bulk.f and calculate_flux_bulk_longout.f; remove (or comment) all the occurences of cloud and swflux
  2. In Rsm2Roms_bulk.sh and Rsm2Roms_bulk_longout.sh; remove (or comment) all the occurences of CLOUD and SWFLUX.