III. Prepare model

1. Compile RSM depending on your chosen grid points and #cpus
locate the rsm script in Lib/exec/RSM/indian25

2. Compile ROMS depending on whether you are using bulk_flux option.
rename oceanM to oceanM21_nobulk (where 21 refers to the version 2.1,
and nobulk mean I don't define the BULK_FLUX (in cppdefs.h)
locate oceanM21_nobulk in Lib/exec/ROMS/indian25
locate the ocean.in to Lib/exec/ROMS/indian25/ocean32_roms21_day_indian25.in

3. Compile the Fortran codes in coupler
go to Lib/codes and run comp2.sh after changing modifying the current directory, INCLUDEDIR and LIBDIR (see things to do in future: make this as a Makefile..) This will compile all the Fortran codes and copy the executables to Lib/exec/Coupler (when you compile each file, just comments the other lines in comp2.sh before compile; how quick but how dirty!)

4. See if you have all the txt files in Lib/aux-files