Run Model

IV. Run model


This is main shell script that declare all the necessary parameters and paths before it call, I did my best to comment all the parameters but if you have question, please let me or Dian know.

a. If archive=yes (in, then specify the path of RSM and ROMS outputs stored in your computer.
Note that you have to manually create the directories in your computer. Otherwise (if ftp fails), model stops.
ex> mkdir home/hseo/CoupledModelRun/indian25/RSM
mkdir home/hseo/CoupledModelRun/indian25/RSM/1993/
mkdir home/hseo/CoupledModelRun/indian25/RSM/1994/
mkdir home/hseo/CoupledModelRun/indian25/RSM/1995/
mkdir home/hseo/CoupledModelRun/indian25/ROMS
mkdir home/hseo/CoupledModelRun/indian25/ROMS/Avg
mkdir home/hseo/CoupledModelRun/indian25/ROMS/Forc

b. longout=no. always.

2.; actual integration and loop

a. You can choose to remove all the 3hrly pgb files and keep them..
Just find and uncomment the rm command.
b. You can on/off for RsmRun, Rsm2Roms. RunRoms, and Roms2Rsm


a. No bulk parameterization versoin of Rsm2Roms.
Note there is also (in order to use this, you have to compile RSM with the BULK_FLUX defined).
This codes has some redundancy for case of CF=24/120, or CF=3. (CF=coupling frequency).
b. CF=24 is most up to date, and other CF may not work properly since I haven't updated the codes for a while. Be aware of that.
c. If CF=24, eight 3hrly pgb files are averaged to make daily avearge file using grmean in RSM.
Note that the this daily averaged pgb file looks like r_pgb.20060611.avrg.grib.
IMPORTANT: this pgb file says it is 2006 06 11 but in fact it is the average of 2006 06 10. We need to fix this sometime. (see A1.4)
d. If TOGA_COARE=off, will read the various variables from RSM to compute, shflux, swflux, swrad, sustr, svstr.
See Lib/code/calculate_flux.f.
e. If TOGA_COARE=on, will read lower-atmospheric variables. See Lib/code/calculate_flux_bulk.f.

4.; preprae clim, bry and init file for ROMS run

a. “target_dir” is the path in your machine where monthly clim/bry files are located. fetchfile will ftp them from your machine to COMPAS (II.2.c).
You need to change to yours (line 44).
b. change the clmfile and bryfile (line39) to your application name. (Generally if there is “indian”, you should change it to your appropriate name).
c. Note since you are using monthly clim and boundary file, “tindx” was set to 12. Find "Monthly World Ocean Atlas Climatology!" in line 30-33.

5. Create SST from ROMS to RSM.

This shell-script uses both ieee2grb_sst_scoar and ieee2grb_sst_scoar.F. These are originally called ieee2grb_sst and ieee2grb_sst.F and were located in RSM/libs/etc and RSM/libs/etc/utils, respectively. The modified files are located in Couple_RsmRoms_tutorial/aboutSST.Get them and locate it in your RSM directory. (We need to eventually put these into RSM CVS repository.. Dian?!)

a. You need rgrd.dat and rcdt.dat files; See II.3.e on how to create these files.

b. There are couple of changes made in Lib/grids/indian25/RSM/ieee2grb_sst_scoar.F by Seo (with help from H. Kanamaru).
1) ieee2grb_sst_scoar.F will read your rgrd.dat and rcdt.dat file .
2) The subroutine setgrd (from RSM/src/rsml) is added within subroutin subgrb
a). idrt=1
b). call setgrd to get the right xlat2, xlon2, delx, dely. This converts from regular lat/lon to regional mercator where dy is variable (dx is fixed)
c). ortru=30 (originally 0)

NEED TO FIGURE THIS OUT!! (Sep,24, 2007)

c. Since you added new ieee2grb_sst_scoar.F file, Makefile has to modified.
Open Makefile located in RSM/libs/etc/utils and add in ieee2grb_sst_scoar.x next to ieee2grb_sst.x in the top line (EXECUTABLES).
The sample file is in Couple_RsmRoms_tutorial/aboutSST/Makefile. You will also have to re-compile lib directory.
Just go to go to RSM/lib and “make”.