1. Lib.
These are brief descriptions for subdirectories.

a. codes: contains all the Fortran codes used in the coupler.
Need to compile before running WRF/ROMS.
execute compile_codes.sh

b exec: contains executables.

1) Coupler: Fortran executables (.x); these are copied after compiling the .F files in codes. comp.sh for single or duel processor, comp2.sh for MPI in codes directory. I use PGI Fortran compiler. I haven’t used other kind.
2) ROMS: contains ROMS input and launch files necessary for running ROMS in COMPAS under the gridname indian25/
3) WRF: contains WRF run scripts under each gridname

c. aux-files: other auxiliary text files that are needed by coupler.

d. grids: contains the grid files (*.dat, *.nc);
I use separate directory for each application.
run gen_grid.m in your local machine first and copy the directory to your server where you will run the codes (this is same for e. template)
hence gen_grid.m needs modification following the path in your machine
(I added two rnt_*.m script that Manu uses to read the grid information. I suggest using them).

e. template; this include matlab files to create the ROMS template initial.nc and forc.nc files
These files have empty values and wwill be used during the coupler..

f. utils: some useful fortran/shell scripts (mostly borrowed from RSM).