2. Model
Contains WRF30 and ROMS3.6

a. WRF30
the subdirectory loos like
1) Info: geog for WRF
2) WPS: WRF preprocessing tool
3) domain: the WRFV3 files for each domain

WPS pre-processing should be done to produce met_em* files in WPS.
After this, in WRFV3 directory, real.exe is done to produce wrf*d01 files
In WRFV3_1day/test/em_real
do real.exe after modifying the namelist.input
This will create these three files
wrfinput_d01; initial condition
wrflowinp_d01; lower boundary conditions (SST etc)
wrfbry_d01; lateral boundary conditions

  1. after these files are created, DO the following
create the directory mjo7
mv wrf*d01 mjo7
ln -fs mjo7/wrfbdy_d01 .
cp mjo7/wrflowinp_d01 .
cp mjo7/wrfinput_d01 .
during the run, SST in wrflowinp_d01 will be constantly updated from ROMS SST

2) ROMS36
cd ROMS36/mjo/mjo7/ROMS-3.6-bulk_mjo7_clamp
compile ROMS
link ROMS executable oceanM36_bulk_clamp to Lib/exec/ROMS/mjo7
note ocean120_roms36_1day_mjo7.in has the option for periodic boundary condition in LBC section
we will use East West Periodic boundary condition for the mjo7 domain
for other domain/application, this needs to be changed manually.
also ocean120_roms36_1day_mjo7.in need modification in NtileI,NtileJ, MyAppCPP, Lm, Mm, and N.. etc... for your other applications... as in SCOAR
*For periodic boundary condition, it is necessary to use ROMS3.6 instead of ROMS3.0.