Change: Jan 31, 2008
Change the name convention of ROMS avg and forc files to reflect the simulation date.
Re-organize the ROMS forc and avg directory to store files according to the simulation year.


Change: Oct 10, 2007
Use ROMS equilibrium SST for SST_ANL_T0 in RSM script.
(Dian and Hyodae)

Changes: correct prmap.F
getgrd in prmap has been updated..

Change: new ieee2grb _sst_scoar.F
simpler and hopefully safer vesion..

Change: wrong date of pgb.avrg file
Because I used the date of 1-day later for the argument of the script..


Update:; no need sftp/cp the clim files.
No need to sftp/cp monthly clim files in,
if your ROMS cppdefs.h doesn't define CLIMATOLOGY.

Update the time (sms_time, sht_time.. etc) of the To make sure I supply the forcing file with the right time...

Update: Remove CLOUD and SWFLUX in ROMS3.0
Removed CLOUD and SWFLUX in calculate_flux.f and when #defined BULK_FLUXES, #defined LONGWAVE_OUT (or #defined LONGWAVE) and #defined EMINUSP. To save time in flux coupler for computing flux and interpolation by removing these two unnessary variables.

Change: Changed option name longout
Changed option name longout to LONGWAVE_OUT for more consistent name with ROMS.
Added LWRAD_DOWN.txt in Lib/aux-files.

Update: TILING instead of gridinterp
Alternative to time-consuming gridinterp.f90: tiling.f and tile_aveage.f
Note that you have to create the grid of RSM and ROMS as described in the document.

Fix: deleting r_pgb.ft* files and restarting
abstract: When restarting, if r_pgb.ft* files were deleted already after generating avgfile and ftped to local machine,
restart fails at Rsm2Roms becuase it cannot grmean 3hrly individual files.. This is not fixed.