A couple of changes:

1. In Run/ROMS/avg and Run/ROMS/forc directories,
Organize these directories according to the simulation year
Last avg.nc file is linked to Run/ROMS/avg and the rest of the files will be stored in Run/ROMS/avg/$YYYYi

mkdir -p  $ROMS_Avg_Dir/$YYYYi  || exit 8
mkdir -p  $ROMS_Forcing_Files_Dir/$YYYYi  || exit 8
cp $Couple_Data_ROMS_Dir/avg.nc $ROMS_Avg_Dir/$YYYYi/avg_Day$NDay.nc || exit 8
        # this is for the prepare-ROMS, which will find the IC nc file here for the next time step.        ln -fs  $ROMS_Avg_Dir/$YYYYi/avg_Day$NDay.nc $ROMS_Avg_Dir/avg_Day$NDay.nc  || exit 8
mv $Couple_Data_ROMS_Dir/ocean_frc.nc $ROMS_Forcing_Files_Dir/$YYYYi/forc_Day$NDay.nc || exit 8

2. Change the name convention of avg and frc file to include the simulation date.
testing this in indian25_east..

still testing..
# test ____mkdir -p  $ROMS_Avg_Dir/$YYYYi\_test  || exit 8
mkdir -p  $ROMS_Forcing_Files_Dir/$YYYYi\_test   || exit 8
cp $ROMS_Avg_Dir/$YYYYi/avg_Day$NDay.nc  $ROMS_Avg_Dir/$YYYYi\_test/avg_$YYYYgr$MMgr$DDgr.$NDay.nc || exit 8  
cp $ROMS_Forcing_Files_Dir/$YYYYi/forc_Day$NDay.nc $ROMS_Forcing_Files_Dir/$YYYYi\_test/forc_$YYYYgr$MMgr$DDgr.$NDay.nc || exit 8

3. Archive to corvette of ROMS file are also stored according to the year
NOTE!!: You must create the year directory in avg and frc before sftp is done..