Things to do

1. Update 3hrly coupling
2. Complete 5-day coupling
3. Make a makefile
4. Fix the average pgb file date (it should be -1 day)

Check list

1. Double-check ROMS setting in cppdefs.h and
Open boundary conditions?
Bulk or No Bulk?
Are you writing all the output variables that you want (in
Are you using history or average file (default is average)
Coefficients in (say, horizontal viscosity)?

2. Double-check your RSM setting?
Your convection scheme?
Your Scale-selective bias correction (and your length scale=1000km?)
Check your pressure levels you want to produce in grid files
(e.g., in rsm_32cpu/def/rsm6228r320281/postplevs.h)
3. See if SST grib file (from ieee2grib_sst) is correct (coastline is