Indian Ocean SCOAR simulation
  1. Simulation Period:
1993/1/1-2007/12/18 (currently RA2 data are not available for RSM to run after 2007/12/18)

  1. Model Grid: Horizontal grid for RSM and ROMS are identical.
  • RSM: (Nx,Ny,Nz)=(321,282,28),
Longitudes: 29.76E-111.96E, dx= 0.26,
Latitudes: 29.775S-38.469N; dy=varying: 0.226 at 29.775S, 0.26 at EQ, 0.203 at 38.469
Vertical: 28 sigma layers.
Pressure level outputs: 12 (1000, 925, 850, 700, 600, 500, 400 300 250 200 150 100mb)

  • ROMS
Horizontal: identical to RSM
Vertical: 20 stretched sigma layer.
Stretching parameters: thetas: 6.5, thetab: 0

  • Coupling:
Daily coupling:
Use net heat flux (shflux), swrad(net shortwave radiation), swflux (E-P) , sustr (u-wind stress), and svstr(v-wind stress) .
These are extracted directly from RSM’s outputs computed from its PBL physics.
No interpolation of flux except to regridding of sustr and svstr to u-,v-grid for ROMS.
No TOGA-COARE bulk parameterization.
Ocean current was not included in the stress computation.

  1. Model details ()
  • RSM details:
Lateral boundary condition: 6-hrly RA2. Spectral Nudging over 1000km for U,V.
Initialization: 1993/1/1/00 RA2
Convection parameterization: Relaxed Arakawa-Schuber scheme

  • ROMS details
Open boundary: South and east
Lateral boundary condition: Monthly WOA01 T/S climatology