When #defined BULK_FLUX in ROMS, you can choose how to treat longwave raditaion exposed at the sea surace
In cppdefs.h, there are three options;
**   There are three ways to provide longwave radiation in the atmospheric   **
**   boundary layer: **(1) Compute the net longwave radiation internally using **
**   the Berliand (1952) equation (LONGWAVE) as function of air temperature, **
**   sea surface temperature, relative humidity, and cloud fraction;**         **
**   **(2) provide (read) longwave downwelling radiation only  and then add    **
**   outgoing longwave radiation (LONGWAVE_OUT) as a function of the model   **
**   sea surface temperature; (3) provide net longwave radiation (default).**  **
So, in your cppdefs.h of ROMS, check how you set the longwave radiation is treated.
1) #defined LONGWAVE: you need Tair, SST, Qair, cloud
The corresponding variable is lwrad.
2) #defined LONGWAVE_OUT; you only need to provide downwelling longwave radiation and upward longwave radiation is compted from your model SST (which might be useful for spinup run compared to using QCORR). You don't need to provide cloudiness in this case, becuase it is used for computing downwelling longwave radiation.
The corresponding variable is lwrad_down.
3) nothing about LONGWAVE in your cppdefs.h, ROMS assumes that lwrad is net longwave radiation.

In SCOAR, we used the same option in main_couple.sh.
LONGWAVE_OUT=yes corresponds to 2) above: You will provide only downwelling radiation and upward one is computed from coupled ROMS.
LONGWAVE_OUT=no means that you will provide net longwave flux.

There were error in this regard.
In Rsm2Roms_bulk.sh around update_forc.x (line 267), originally
ln -fs $Couple_Lib_grids_ROMS_Dir/$Nameit_ROMS-nxnyr.dat fort.11
ln -fs $Couple_Lib_auxfiles_Dir/$flx.txt fort.12
ln -fs $Couple_Data_tempo_files_Dir/$Nameit_RSM.$flx.4.dat fort.13
$Couple_Lib_exec_coupler_Dir/update_forc.x || exit 8
If LONGWAVE_OUT=yes then $flx.txt has to be $flx_down becuase ROMS (#defined LONGWAVE_OUT); needs lwrad_down (and not lwrad).
So I added Lib/aux-files/LWRAD_DOWN.txt (Oct 5, 2007).
Therefore the correct statement would be:
ln -fs $Couple_Lib_grids_ROMS_Dir/$Nameit_ROMS-nxnyr.dat fort.11
    **if [  $flx = LWRAD -a $LONGWAVE_OUT = yes ]; then
        ln -fs $Couple_Lib_auxfiles_Dir/$flx\_DOWN.txt fort.12
        ln -fs $Couple_Lib_auxfiles_Dir/$flx.txt fort.12
ln -fs $Couple_Data_tempo_files_Dir/$Nameit_RSM.$flx.4.dat fort.13
$Couple_Lib_exec_coupler_Dir/update_forc.x || exit 8
I also changed option name from longout to LONGWAVE_OUT for more consistent option name...(Oct 5).
in main.coupled.sh, change longout to LONGWAVE_OUT.

Ps. Be aware of EMINUSP..... a new option for salt flux in bulk_flux.f.
It basically compute evaporation...

We don't need to provide CLOUD if either LONGWAVE_OUT, or LONGWAVE is defined.
We don' need to provide SWFLUX if defined EMINUSP.